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Art Deco Sterling Silver Fob with Onyx Seal

SKU: 39273

fob is an adornment or a seal that hangs from the ribbon or chain of a pocket watch. Its purpose is to decorate or add weight to the watch chain itself making it easier for the watch to be withdrawn from a pocket. The fob would have originally been used to seal the wax of a letter or note.
A wonderful antique fob from the Art Deco (ca1920s) era! Crafted in sterling silver, this petite fob has a lovely and feminine design. At the top is a decorative surmount that serves as a handle for the piece. Repousse details and hand-carved accents provide wonderful texture to the stylish setting! Resting at the base is an oval seal made of black onyx stone, which is smoothly polished for a rich, glossy finish. Perfect for the fob collector, it would look lovely worn everyday on a favorite silver chain!
Measurements:  The fob hangs approximately 1 1/8" long, measuring from the top of the handle to the base. The oval seal at the bottom measures 3/4" long and 1/2" wide.
Condition: The overall condition of the fob is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the sterling silver setting or to the onyx stone, which is securely set and free of chips or surface scratches. There is a natural patina on the surface of the silver setting, which is a normal characteristic of antique jewelry. 
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