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Art Nouveau 14kt Emerald Repousse Dragon Cigar Cutter Pendant + Victorian 14kt Enameled Slider Chain

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A gorgeous cigar cutter pendant from the Art Nouveau (ca1890) era paired with a Victorian 14kt enameled slider chain! This unique 14kt gold piece acts as a functioning cigar cutter, which was most likely worn as a fob hanging from a gentleman's watch chain. The pendant carries the traditional "teardrop" shape of an antique cigar cutter, with a hinged mechanism at the side that reveals the blade. A rose gold knob on the side is used to pull the silver blade out from the pendant. The opening at the bottom would have been used to clip the tip of a cigar as the shavings fell from the opening on the side. An artistic dragon motif decorates both sides of the pendant, coming to life in raised repousse detail. Its serpentine body wraps around the exterior, complete with a textured pattern to create a scaly appearance. The creature's tongue sticks out between sharp teeth, and two emeralds set in the eyes add a wonderful pop of color. A rose gold bail is attached to the top of the pendant. The 14k yellow gold chain has three barrel-shaped sliders detailed with black enamel. The longest slider is also etched slightly and features a relief textured band around the center. The chain comes to a head with a yellow gold ball with a locking dog clip hanging from three gold links. The chain secures with a simple gold spring ring. This unique cigar cutter exemplifies the aesthetic of the Art Nouveau era, and would make a perfect collector's piece!

Measurements: The pendant hangs approximately 1 1/2" long (including the bail at the top), and measures 5/8" wide and 1/2" thick at the base. The chain measures 21" long and the dog clip hangs 1 1/4" long from the gold ball. 

Condition: The overall condition of the cigar cutter and chain is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to gold setting, repousse detail, or the enamel on the chain. The cigar cutter mechanism is intact and in good working condition. The chain's spring ring is in good working order. 

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