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Movado Art Nouveau 1910 International Expo 18k Rose Cut Diamond Pocket Watch 1ctw

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An absolutely exquisite diamond pocket watch from the Art Nouveau (1910) era! Swiss in origin, this beautiful piece is encapsulated in a hunter case that is crafted in 18kt gold and studded with 31 sparkling bead set Rose Cut diamonds with a total weight of 1ctw. Surrounding the diamonds is milgrain detailing and intricate scrolled etchings. The porcelain dial features hand painted black numbering with the original owner, Adolfo Zago, inscribed just above the hands. The inside of the front case is etched with a maker's mark of a hand holding a watch and an 18k hallmark. The rear cover has a polished exterior and the interior is etched with another identical maker's mark and 18k hallmark along with serial number reading "588290". The exterior of the movement's dust cover contains a commemorative engraving for the an awardee of the 1910 Brussels International Exposition which reads "GRAND PRIX" (Grand Prize),  "AVEC FÉLICITATIONS DU JURY" (With congratulations from the jury), and "FABRICADO EXPRESAMENTE PARA ADOLFO ZAGO, SALTA" (Quickly fabricated for Adolfo Zago, Salta). The watch is powered by a 15 jewel Swiss made Movado Sûreté movement. This incredible piece is perfect for any watch collector or anyone who wants an unusual piece of early 20th century history.

Measurements: The watch measures just over 1 3/4" including the crown and bail, 1 1/4" without. The watch face measures nearly 1" in diameter. The piece is about 1/2" at its deepest.

Condition: The pocket watch remains in excellent condition. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold case and setting and all of the diamonds are intact and securely set. The crown turns properly and the bail is secure. The watch runs perfectly and keeps time accurately. The crystal is free of scratches and the dial and hands are in excellent condition. The piece could be taken to a horologist to have the movement addressed for an additional cost.

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