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Edwardian 14k Graduated Opal and Crystal Bead Necklace w/Diamond Clasp

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A stunning necklace from the Edwardian (ca1900s) era! Graduated, spherical opal beads are interspersed with rock quartz crystal rondelles to create a gorgeous design. The opals display incredible rainbow hues, flashing with every turn of the light. The rock quartz crystal rondelles are faceted, glinting beautifully and perfectly complementing the opal fire. The beads are strung on a white silk cord, and the necklace secures with a 14kt white gold filigree push clasp set with 7 single cut diamonds and decorated with intricate milgrain detailing. This necklace merges seamlessly into modern-day fashion and is perfect for an opal lover!

Measurements: The necklace measures approximately 18 1/2" in length. The beads graduate from slightly more than 3/16" to 1/2" in diameter.

Condition: The necklace is overall in excellent condition. Besides normal surface wear, the opal beads are free of chips and scratches. The rock quartz crystal rondelles are intact. All of the beads are securely strung, and the white silk cord is in excellent condition. The white gold push clasp is in secure and in good working order.

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