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Early Victorian Huge Silver Gilt Anchor Bracelet

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An outstanding and extremely rare anchor bracelet from the early Victorian (ca1850) era! Crafted in gilded silver, the bracelet is incredibly substantial in size and equally striking in appearance. With exceptional detail and a sentimental message, the bracelet has a wide hinged band that meets at an oversized oval centerpiece. A large 18kt gold anchor wrapped in nautical rope is riveted into the center of a clear rock crystal window. A cushiony piece of rich, velvety fabric rests below the rock crystal locket face, showing through to the surface as a violet blue background. Surrounding the anchor is a textured border comprised of 3-dimensional ivy leaves, vines, and delicate berries. Found on the shoulders of the bracelet are raised block letters that form the words: “WHERE NO ENEMY ENTERS :: WHENCE NO FRIEND DEPARTS.” This old phrase can be found in various literary texts and is referenced in psalm, alluding to a "heavenly place" wherein enemies can not enter, and friends do not depart. A hand-engraved message is also inscribed on the underside of the piece in flowing calligraphy, which reads: "Live for the Good of Others In Obedience To the Will of God." The bracelet is hinged at the sides and opens at a sliding push clasp in the back. When worn, the impressive bracelet rests prominently at the wrist, making a phenomenal statement piece that is impossible to miss. Truly a one-of-a-kind Victorian treasure, this magnificent museum quality piece is perfect for the serious antique jewelry lover's collection!

Measurements: The large oval centerpiece stands 2 3/4" tall, measures 2 1/8" wide, and is approximately 5/8" thick. The anchor measures 1 3/4" tall and approximately 1 1/4" wide. The tapered band measures 1 1/8" wide at each shoulder, and is 3/4" wide at the very back. Despite its substantial appearance, the bracelet would rest comfortably on a small sized to average/medium sized wrist. 

Condition: The overall condition of the bracelet is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the silver gilt setting or to the gold anchor, which is securely riveted into place. The rock crystal window is free of chips or scratches, and is permanently set within the oval frame. The velvet fabric contained inside the window remains intact, though its placement can vary slightly with movement of the bracelet when worn. The 3-dimensional ivy border and raised letters are intact, as is the inscription engraved on the underside. The hinges and clasp remain in proper working order, fastening snug and securely when worn. There is a natural patina on the surface of the piece, which is normal for antique jewelry and provides additional depth and character to the beautiful design.

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