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Estate 18kt Gold 3-Tone Trinity Roller Ring

SKU: 44486

This Estate trinity ring (also known as a "rolling ring") has a fabulous tricolor design! Made of vibrant 18kt gold, the piece is formed by three interlocking bands, which together form a single fabulous ring. Each band has a simple design made of smooth gold, crafted in three colors: pink (rose gold) for love, yellow for fidelity, and white for friendship. When worn, the bands naturally overlap each other on the wearer's finger, creating an interesting visual effect. The inside of the rose gold band reads a stamped "750" and "O" within a downward-facing arrowhead. Versatile and stylish, this fabulous trinity ring looks beautiful when worn and would make a fashionable addition to any jewelry collection!

Measurements: Due to the unique rolling design of the ring, it is difficult to measure the size on the ring sizer. The ring has an approximate finger size of 5 but could accommodate a slightly larger or smaller finger. It can be sized up or down slightly if needed.

Condition: The overall condition of the ring is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold bands.
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