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Georgian Rare 22kt Hand Wrought + Ornate Wirework Bead Necklace 21.5"

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An exceptionally stunning and very rare bead necklace from the Georgian (ca1750) era! This vibrant 22kt yellow gold piece is comprised of 43 handwrought beads which are beautifully decorated with ornate surface wirework, and likely originates from a Middle Eastern country. Due to the hand-made nature, the size of each hollow bead varies slightly, and all adorn an exceptionally intricate handmade pattern along the surface. With two varying designs, the majority of the beads display a slightly scalloped surface which has small sections separated by vertical bevel-edged wires. Embellishing the space in between is textured applied wirework in swirled patterns that create stunning floral designs. In addition, each bead is decorated with delicate, smoothly polished discs throughout, each one reflecting the light beautifully with every turn. Alternating with these beads at the center of the necklace are seven complimentary bead links which carry a slightly different pattern of blooming flower shapes encircled by a round frame. The contrast between the smoothly polished accents and the textured wirework creates a rich, regal appearance on each bead and the color of the gold is striking. The beads are securely strung on a braided chain, which fastens in the back with a simple 18kt gold spring ring clasp (stamped "18K"). The necklace rests beautifully below the neckline, and due to it's hollow nature, is incredibly lightweight for comfortable wear. This type of fine wirework paired with the hollow bead design makes it difficult to date the necklace and it could be much earlier than the Georgian era, however, this is our best estimation. A simply outstanding statement piece when worn, this necklace would make a fantastic addition to any collection! 

Measurements: The necklace measures approximately 21.5" long. Each bead varies slightly in size, and measures approximately 14mm in diameter, on average. The overall pennyweight of the piece is 27.9dwt (43.3 grams).

Condition: The necklace is in overall good antique condition with some minor wear that commensurates with its age. The stringing and spring ring clasp are secure and in good working condition, most likely a latter addition.

Georgian Rare 22kt Hand Wrought + Ornate Wirework Bead Necklace 21.5"
Georgian Rare 22kt Hand Wrought + Ornate Wirework Bead Necklace 21.5" Sale price$29,995

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