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H. KLEISS Art Deco Sterling & Carved Wood Bracelet

SKU: MP001

An elaborate and very unusual signed bracelet by Austrian designer Hans Kleiss!  This spectacular Art Deco era piece (ca1920-1930) is set in sterling silver and is comprised of four hinged panels of intricate hand-carved wood. Each wooden panel has a substantial look and a 3-dimensional design. The wood has a wonderful, naturally rich color that looks beautiful paired with the sterling setting. Carved into the surface of the wood is a pattern of grooves and chevron shapes, giving the piece a very artistic appearance. The center panel also features a raised conical shape in the center of a decorative border. In between each panel is a silver hinge, one of which also serves as the clasp near the back. A sterling pin can be pulled upwards to open the bracelet, and pushed down into place to secure it shut. The entire interior of the bracelet is comprised of smooth sterling silver, and two small touch marks appear on the top edge of one of the panels. Carved into the wood at the back of the piece is the signature "H. KLEISS." This one-of-a-kind bracelet has a truly beautiful and unique look and would make a special statement piece!

Measurements: The inside of the bracelet (where a wrist would rest) measures approximately 2" wide and tall and would fit a small to average sized wrist. The surface of the bracelet is very wide, measuring 1 3/4". The center panel is 2" across and measures 3/4" thick including the raised conical carving. The overall weight of the bracelet is 107.3 grams.

Condition: The overall condition of the bracelet is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the sterling setting or to the carved wood panels, all of which are intact. The hinges and pin clasp are secure and in good working condition.
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