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Late Art Deco 10kt + Turquoise Long Chain 91"

SKU: 44552


A fabulous chain from the Late Art Deco (ca1930s) era! Crafted in 10kt yellow gold, this chain measures a very generous 91". Beautiful turquoise stones displaying a variety of blue and green hues have intriguing marbling, creating a very unique appeal. The necklace can be worn as one very long strand or worn four, even five times overhead! A spring ring secures the necklace, making it easy to wrap for different lengths of wear. This necklace is perfect for the fashion-forward turquoise lover!

Measurements: The necklace measures approximately 91" in length. The turquoise stones measure an average 1/4" in diameter.

Condition: The necklace is in excellent condition. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold setting. The turquoise stones are in very good condition. The spring ring is secure and in good working condition.

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