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Rare Victorian + Georgian Blackamoor + Multi-Gemstone Fob Compilation Necklace 20.25"

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An absolutely incredible and rare gemstone and blackamoor fob pendant necklace from the Victorian (ca1880s) and Georgian (ca1830s) era! This unique piece is an exquisite compilation of five 3-dimensional fob pendants which beautifully hang along the front of an ornate 15kt yellow gold handmade watch chain. The longest fob adorns the center and features a carved agate in the shape of a blackamoor head and bust that rests atop of a decorative intaglio seal. A trio of sparkling old Rose Cut diamonds embellish the silver-topped headdress that adorns the highly detailed bust, and a moveable diamond encrusted necklace wraps around the neck. The yellow gold fob is open at the center where a gorgeous natural pearl is riveted behind 4 curved links that attach to a lapis lazuli stone at the base. The surface of the vibrant blue stone is carved with a set of "RA" or "AR" initials, and finishing the design is a feminine carved floral motif on the bezel and at the top below a row of additional sparkling diamonds.  

Two incredible silver intaglio signet fobs frame the center pendant, both carrying a similar diamond encrusted design with a gemstone intaglio at the base. Each fob has an open center frame and bezel that are beautifully lined with sparkling old Rose Cut diamonds, each stone catching the light brilliantly with every turn. One of the intaglios is a faceted oval-shaped peridot, displaying a vibrant green hue with a feminine carved set of initials on the face of the stone. The other is a faceted octagonal shaped aquamarine, exhibiting a light blue hue with a set of beautifully carved "UG" or GU" initials on the face.

Finishing the design are two ornate ebony blackamoor signet fobs that rest on either side of the incredible compilation of pendants. One is of a regal looking female head and bust that rests atop of a decorative signet seal, and is adorned with an incredible headdress. The head piece forms the shape of five textured "feathers," each one embellished with a delicate ruby or natural pearl to form a fabulous alternating pattern. Two gorgeous ruby earrings dangle from her ears, and a lovely twisted necklace rests along her neckline, accented with an additional ruby cabochon at the center of a feminine bow motif. Finishing the pendant is an eye-catching ribbed design decorating the round frame, which holds a gorgeous smoothly polished deep red carnelian seal at the base.

The last and final fob is of a highly detailed male head and bust that rests atop of a decorative and unique signet design. Two sparkling accent diamonds dot each eye, and a turban style head wrap rests on his head, featuring a smoothly polished onyx cabochon at the top. Two beautifully engraved bands wrap around the oval-shaped frame, which is smoothly polished at the center, creating a lovely eye-catching design. A gorgeous banded agate seal rests at the base, showcasing a fine burnt sienna colored perimeter that has been carved to highlight a lovely and polished milky white band at the center. Stamped on the back of the bail is a maker's mark beside an Austro-Hungarian fox head with the number "4" and the letter "A" indicating its gold purity and that it was assayed in Austria between 1872-1922.

The marvelous handmade chain is comprised of round interlocking double links that connect together to form a stylish necklace that fastens with a large spring ring clasp (stamped with a "14K" purity mark) at the back. Each interlocking link features beveled edges that wrap around an open ring, holding a lovely delicate bead at the center. A fantastic zig-zag pattern wraps around the center of the ring, and a ribbed band rests on either side of the bead, both adding wonderful texture to the design. Each pendant hangs along the center of the chain from a bail attached to a spring ring clasp (some stamped with gold purity marks), allowing the fobs to be interchanged or removed, providing endless versatility. A stunning and rare collection of multi-gemstone pendants dangling along an ornate chain, this piece would make a fabulous statement piece when worn!

Measurements: The entire length of the chain measures approximately 20.25". The longest fob at the center hangs about 2 1/8" (including the spring ring bail at the top), and measures 5/8" and is a little more than 1/2" thick. The peridot fob hangs about 1 1/4" long (including the spring ring bail at the top), and measures about 7/8" wide and 5/8" thick. The aquamarine fob hangs about 1 1/2" long (including the spring ring bail at the top), and measures 3/4" wide and thick. The female blackamoor pendant hangs about 2" long (including the spring ring bail at the top), and measures about 3/4" wide and thick. The male blackamoor pendant hangs about 1 7/8" long (including the spring ring bail at the top), and measures about 3/4" wide and 5/8" thick. 

Condition: The overall condition of the chain and fobs is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the silver or gold settings of any fob pendants or to the gold chain. All of the gemstones and pearls are intact and securely set, with only minimal surface wear to the gemstone seals. Every spring ring clasp is secure and in good working condition.

Rare Victorian + Georgian Blackamoor + Multi-Gemstone Fob Compilation Necklace 20.25"
Rare Victorian + Georgian Blackamoor + Multi-Gemstone Fob Compilation Necklace 20.25" Sale price$65,995

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