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TIFFANY & CO. Estate 18kt Red Enamel + Hematite Clip-On Earrings

SKU: 44426


A striking pair of earrings from famed Tiffany & Company! Crafted in vibrant 18kt yellow gold, these earrings display a reflective black hematite cabochon stone set within a gold bezel. The diamond-shaped setting has a surface adorned with rich, deep red guilloche enameling, the pattern emanating from the center of the design. The earrings secure to the ear with a hinged clip, allowing them to be worn on either pierced or unpierced ears. Stamped on the underside of each earring are several English hallmarks, including a lion's head and crown (indicating it was assayed in London), the date letter, which appears to be the letter "q" (dating them to 1990), and a "750" gold purity mark. Additional stamps include a maker's mark "L.D.V" along with "TIFFANY & CO." which is engraved along the white gold strip on the hinged clip. A very fashionable pair of designer earrings by a legendary maker, they would make a perfect addition to any collection!

Measurements: Each earring measures approximately 1 1/8" corner to corner and just under 1" when measuring from side to side. They measure 1/2" at the thickest point.

Condition: The overall condition of the earrings is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold setting, hematite stones, or enameling. The earring clips are secure and in good working condition.

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