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UNGER BROS. Art Nouveau Sterling Repousse Devil Face Figural Cufflinks

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Known for their strong Art Nouveau repousse designs, the Unger Brothers became one of the premier and most well-known American manufacturers of sterling silver jewelry and decorative objects. Born to a family that immigrated from Germany, the Unger Brothers established their business in Newark, NJ and began producing sterling silver jewelry in 1878. They specialized in manufacturing jewelry, glass-cutting and silversmithing, and in addition to jewelry, produced numerous other items including brushes, hand mirrors, combs, and powder boxes with repousse silver lids.

This exquisite pair of devil face figural cufflinks from the Art Nouveau era (ca1910) is a wonderful example of the Unger Brothers' fine craftsmanship! Each oval-shaped piece is crafted in sterling silver and displays an exceptional repousse design across the front surface of one side. The raised, 3-dimensional design is complete with curved horns and sculpted facial features, and boasts a "devilish grin." The raised areas of the design exhibit a smoothly polished surface which contrasts perfectly with the natural darkened patina, providing wonderful dimension to the fantastic motif. The image of the devil's face is slightly askew, creating a very unique and eye-catching appearance when worn. Resting on the back of each cufflink is a curved silver bar, capped with an oval shaped plaque, which is stamped with a faded "925 FINE STERLING" surrounding the Unger Brothers' signature hallmark. A fabulous Art Nouveau treasure by an esteemed maker, it would be right at home in any antique collection!

Measurements: Each cufflink measures approximately 7/8" tall, 1/2" wide, and 1/4" thick. The curved bar extends about 1/2" long from the back of the cufflink.

Condition: The overall condition of the cufflinks is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the repousse detail or sterling silver.

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