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Victorian 14k Persian Turquoise and Diamond Starburst Pendant

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A gorgeous and unique turquoise and diamond starburst pendant from the Victorian (ca1880) era! This beautiful piece is crafted in 14k yellow gold and displays a stunning design of concentric starburst circles. The center of the pendant features a single turquoise cabochon surrounded by 5 starburst rays, each of which is detailed with a bead set rose cut diamond. Encircling the central starburst is an additional ring of bead set turquoise cabochons, which are in turn surrounded by starburst rays decorated with more diamonds. The outer circle features a final ring of bead set turquoise cabochons, containing the inner starbursts and giving them a clean border. This elegant centerpiece can be hung from a large flared bail, which is studded with four graduated turquoise stones and attached to the centerpiece by a scrolling gold fixture bead set with additional rose cut diamonds. The pendant, which is particularly large in size, is convex in shape and detailed with open cutouts throughout. The turquoise is incredibly vibrant, exhibiting a breathtaking shade of sky blue with small veins of black. A magnificent starburst pendant, this unique celestial piece is perfect for the turquoise lover or antique jewelry collector!

Measurements: The pendant hangs approximately 2" long, measures slightly less than 1 3/8" in diameter, and is approximately 1/2" at the deepest point of its convex shape. 

Condition: The overall condition of the pendant is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold setting and all of the diamond and turquoise stones are intact, securely set, and free of chips or scratches. One of the starburst rays was replaced in the past but the repair is only noticeable on close inspection or from the back of the piece.

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