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Victorian 15kt Inlaid Persian Turquoise Cufflinks

SKU: 42002


A beautiful pair of turquoise cufflinks from the Victorian (ca1880) era! Each double-sided cufflink is crafted in 15kt gold, and features a gorgeous ensemble of natural Persian turquoise stones. The stones display a wonderful range of blue and green shades, and are held within a closed back bezel setting. At the center of each link is an oval turquoise cabochon surrounded by a textured gold border. A secondary border of twisted gold "rope" surrounds the outer edge of each cufflink face, the perfect finishing touch! Attaching each link together is a simple gold loop in the back. Perfect for the turquoise lover's collection, these eye-catching cufflinks would look equally lovely worn by a man or woman!

Measurements: Each oval cufflink face measures 5/8" tall, 1/2" wide, and 3/16" thick. The space in between each cufflink (where the gold loop connectors are attached) measures 3/4" long.

Condition: The overall condition of the cufflinks is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no serious damage to the gold setting. All of the turquoise stones are intact and securely set. One of the turquoise stones has a surface crack, but it is not noticeable when the cufflinks are worn, nor does it detract from their beauty. The gold connector links in the back are securely attached.

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