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Victorian 18kt/Gunmetal Retractable Double Skeleton Key Pendant w/ Hidden Tools



A very rare and special find from the Victorian era (ca1880)! French in origin, this unusual pendant is crafted in gunmetal with 18kt rose gold accents, creating quite a striking mixed metals contrast. Rather substantial in size, the piece is comprised of 2 old-fashioned skeleton key fobs, each with a unique retractable design. A rose gold slider at the top can be moved down the barrel shaft, revealing a hidden tool that protrudes from the bottom, otherwise hidden within a small compartment inside. One is a wooden pencil, the other a sharp-tipped knife! Both tools are original to the piece and are still functional. Decorating the base of each key is a delicate trefoil motif, which is made of sterling silver and sparkling rose cut diamonds. Both keys hang from a large gunmetal ring, which has an opening where two rose gold balls meet at the top. The small gap allows the keys to be removed from the ring if desired. A puzzle-shaped notch at the bottom of each key completes the original and artistic design. The presence of the hidden tools is an interesting and unexpected feature of this magnificent piece, adding an element of surprise and stealth mixed with utility and such convenient portability. Truly one-of-a-kind, this outstanding piece is perfect for the serious Victorian collector or key lover!

Measurements: The entire piece hangs approximately 3 3/4" long. Each key measures 2 3/4" long, with a 1/4" thick barrel shaft, a width of 1/2" at the base, and a diameter of 5/8" at the handle. The large gunmetal ring for hanging has a 1" diameter. The total weight of the piece is 15.2 dwt.

Condition: The overall condition of the piece is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gunmetal setting or rose gold accents. The sliders move smoothly and securely, and the original tools are intact and in good working order. The rose cut diamonds are all intact. 

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