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Victorian Gold-Filled Etruscan Wirework Bangle "Wedding Bracelet" Set

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Victorian wedding bracelets are derived from a centuries old tradition! Bridal and wedding customs have evolved through the ages, but typically involved sentimental gifts with attached meanings. At the time of engagement, the first bracelet of a matching two-piece set was presented to the bride-to-be. The bracelet would be worn proudly up until the day of the wedding, at which point the second bracelet was also worn. Often passed down from a mother to her daughters, the bracelet sets were sometimes separated, making the Victorian era sets that still remain intact a special and collectible treasure!

This beautiful antique wedding bracelet set from the Victorian (ca1870s) era is a wonderful example of the romantic tradition! Each gold-filled bangle features a lovely Etruscan wirework pattern which lines the top and bottom edges and carries the entire length around. The bracelets are hinged at the side, opening at a push clasp that releases when lifted, and the clasp tongue is stamped "PAT'D NOV 19, 1878". A safety chain provides additional security when worn. Stylish and versatile, the bracelets can be worn separately, or stacked together to create the illusion of a single wide bangle. This special and sentimental Victorian set would make a wonderful keepsake gift, and would look beautiful worn everyday!

Measurements: The bracelets each measure approximately 6" in the interior circumference, so these would best fit a smaller sized wrist. Each bangle measures roughly 3/4" wide. 

Condition: The overall condition of both bracelets is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the hinged gold filled setting or Etruscan wirework motif. The push clasps and safety chains are secure and in good working condition. Some of the metal has developed a natural patina over time which is typical given the age. These can be lightly polished if desired. 

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