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Victorian Sterling Gilt & Agate Signet Locket Ring

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A signet ring can be represented with an intaglio, which is created by carving below the surface of a stone or by a simple smooth seal. Its purpose would have been to seal the wax of a letter or note.

A spectacular and very rare locket signet ring from the Victorian (ca1880) era! This unusual piece is made of gilded sterling silver and still retains a subtle, light gold wash on the surface. At the center of the ring is a smooth agate seal, which is banded with a white surface that rests above a rich, reddish-brown layer below. The agate seal also serves as the front of a hidden locket compartment, which is hinged at the side and opens to reveal space inside to keep a small photograph behind glass. The unique locket function of the ring is not immediately evident due to its seamless design, making it a subtle and special keepsake piece! The shoulders of the ring are engraved with a delicate swirled design, adding a wonderful and feminine touch. A very unique Victorian piece, it looks simply wonderful when worn and is a must for any collector!

Measurements: The agate signet stamp measures 3/8" wide and slightly less than 1/2" tall. The ring has a finger size of 6.75, but could be re-sized if needed.

Condition: The overall condition of the ring is very good. There is no apparent damage to the sterling setting or agate signet seal, which is intact. The gold-over-silver gilt wash is now very subtle due to wear, which is normal for a Victorian era piece and adds an interesting visual quality to the design. However, it could be re-plated if desired for a more vibrant gold appearance, or polished to remove the remaining gilt. There is some minimal wear to the engraved detail, which is also commensurate with normal wear.
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