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Vintage Sterling Resin Cutout Disc Bangle Bracelet

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$395 $595

A fantastic vintage sterling and resin bangle bracelet from the 1980's! This funky and unusual bracelet portrays the shape of a flat disc that has a cutout opening in the center. Set within the sterling fram is an inlaid resin design which has layered mixed materials that show through in different parts. The sterling along the inner and outer rim is engraved with a grid-like cubic pattern, except for one section of the outer rim which flat and smooth. The abstract geometric design is mostly black with a few red lines and dots on one side of the bracelet. The opposite side of the bracelet has a black background with red lines and dots, as well as a yellow and gold colored mesh-like section that lies below a clear layer of resin, adding a three-dimensional quality to the piece. This bold bracelet is certainly a true statement piece and would make a fun and unique addition to any collection!

Measurements:  The overall outer diameter of the bracelet measures a little less than 3 3/4" inches across. The inner oval opening (where your wrist would rest) measures approximately 2 3/4" wide and 2 1/4" tall.

Condition: Besides normal surface wear, the overall condition of the bracelet is great. Along some of the colored lines there is a slight separation of the resin, which is not unusual for a bracelet from this period, and is not noticeable when worn. 

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