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Victorian Large 18kt Enameled + Moonstone Pendant Necklace

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An absolutely magnificent moonstone pendant necklace from the Victorian (ca1880s) era! This incredible piece is comprised of a fantastic 18kt yellow gold pendant, which hangs from an ornate 14kt gold chain. The oval-shaped pendant is particularly large in size and holds an alluring moonstone at the center. The translucent moonstone has soft, blue color and a strong flash which beautifully catches the light in its open back setting. It rests in a raised fashion along the slightly concave face of the pendant, encircled by an incredibly ornate twisted bead and wirework stacked frame. A dramatic enameled border surrounds the large stone, lining the edge in bright white enameled ovals. The rich enameling is enhanced with delicate gold beadwork and the outer border displays a twisted gold rope pattern, adding a lovely textural appeal. The piece hangs from a bow-like topper and large fluted bail that both display a complementary white enameled and bead and wirework design.

The fabulous chain is also from the Victorian era and crafted in rich 14kt yellow gold. Ornate, open wirework links connect together to form the chain, each complex link consisting of an intertwined loop design with textured accents on the side. At the back of the chain is a spring ring clasp which allows you to easily remove the locket if desired. It is a beautifully made piece that is very light to wear and is a perfect match for the moonstone pendant. The compilation of both pieces create a spectacular Victorian piece, and the necklace would make a very special addition to any jewelry collection!

Measurements: The pendant hangs approximately 2 7/8" long from the top of the bail to the bottom of the locket and measures 1 5/8" at the widest and 3/4" thick. The oval moonstone is 1 1/8" tall and 7/8" wide. The chain measures 18.25" in total length and is 1/4" thick.

Condition: The overall condition of the pendant and chain is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold setting or chain, enameled border, or moonstone, which is securely set and intact. The pendant bail and chain clasp are both secure and in good working condition.

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