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Art Deco Silver Gilt & Marcasite Enameled Arrow Pin/Pendant

SKU: 16264


This fabulous arrow would pierce anyone's heart! This fun piece takes form in a silver arrow with a brilliant gilt finish. The head of the arrow is topped in bright red enamel, and the shaft is lined with sparkling marcasite stones. Black enamel details cover the fletching (or feathers), with the tips curled under for a 3-dimensional effect. A secure bar pin and clasp are hidden below the arrow, allowing it to fasten securely to a favorite garment. Alternatively, it can be work as a pendant by threading a chain through the loop where the feathers part, letting the arrow hang pointing down (as pictured). On the back of the piece is a stamp that reads "GERMANY". This remarkable statement piece is perfect for the true romantic!

Measurements: The piece measures approximately 2 7/8" long, and is 1" across at the widest point.

Condition: The overall condition of the pin/pendant is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the silver setting or original gilt finish. The pin clasp and bail are secure and in good working condition. All of the marcasite stones are intact. There is some minor wear to the red and black enamel at head of the arrow and along the feathers, but no significant chips or scratches. The surface wear is normal and not noticeable when worn, nor does it detract from the beauty of the design.

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