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Retro Bakelite Pin With Cowboy Motif

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Bakelite is a resin material that was produced  in the early 1900's and was the first plastic substance made of synthetic components.  Initially used for its electrically non conductive and heat resistant properties in radio and telephone castings, the material was also used in other products such as kids toys, kitchenware and jewelry. Typically made of bold, beautiful colors, Bakelite has become very collectible over recent years and is appreciated amongst many.

A funky and fun Retro era (ca1940) Bakelite pin with a cowboy motif. This pin is comprised of a base that appears to be a hammer which has a single horseshoe in the center of it. The horseshoe has 7 metal studs drilled into the surface of it (always 7 for good luck!) and both the hammer and the horseshoe have details carved into their surfaces. Swinging freely from the base is a charming Bakelite cowboy hat and boot. The colors of the pin are rich oranges and reds which are common colors for Bakelite pieces. It's a fun pin for any Bakelite collector or equestrian enthusiast!

Measurements: The base of the pin measures 3" long, 1 1/8" at its widest point and 1/4" thick. The hat measures approximately 1 1/2" by 1 1/2" and is 3/4" thick. The boot measures approximately 1" long, 3/4" at the widest point and 1/4" thick.  

Condition: The overall condition of the pin is excellent. There is no apparent damage to any of the Bakelite pieces and the clasp is secure and in good working condition.

Retro Bakelite Pin With Cowboy Motif
Retro Bakelite Pin With Cowboy Motif Sale price$395 Regular price$595

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