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Victorian 14kt Gold Etruscan Earring & Pin/Pendant Set

SKU: 11919

An absolutely gorgeous gold Etruscan set from the Victorian (ca1880) era! Comprised of a pair of earrings and a complimentary pin/pendant, each piece is made of rosy 14kt yellow gold and has a wonderful design portrayed by two geometric shapes connected to one another by simple gold rings. The pin, which can also be worn as a pendant, has a fine Etruscan wirework design which covers the entire surface and 3 gold studs that are riveted into the center of each link. The earrings compliment the shapes already used in the pin/pendant and carry a similar wirework design along with gold riveted studs. The earrings hang from simple gold wires and on the back of the larger piece is a curved hook bail as well as a c-catch clasp. It's a stunning Victorian set and would make a fabulous addition to any collection!

Measurements: The earrings hang approximately 1 1/2" long, are slightly less than 1/2" at their widest point and and have a depth of 1/8". The pin/pendant is approximately 1 3/4" long, 1 3/8" at the widest point and has a depth of 1/8".

Condition: The overall condition of the pin/pendant and earring set is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the  gold setting, wirework or studs and the pin clasp, bail and earring wires are secure and in good working condition.
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