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Edwardian Lighting Ridge Australian Black Opal Ring

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Black opals are the most rare and valuable of all natural opal varieties. These amazing stones exhibit amazing color backed by dark or black "potch", or common opal, unlike their white opal counterparts, which are backed by more common white potch. The dark base tone gives striking contrast to the brilliant rainbow of colors and patterns, which come about as a result of variations in the orientation and size of microscopic beads of silica within the stone. Although a small portion of the world's opals are mined in Ethiopa, Mexico, and Brazil, black opal specifically is exclusively mined in Australia (particularly from a region known as "Lightning Ridge") and the opal has henceforth been named Australia's national stone. Historically, opals were believed to bring good luck when given as a gift. In the modern day, they continue to be adored worldwide and are one of the most desirable stones used in fine jewelry!

This black opal ring from the Edwardian (ca1910)era makes quite a stylish accessory! Hand-crafted in smooth 10kt gold, the ring features an exquisite black opal stone that is bezel set at the center. The oval-shaped cabochon is simply mesmerizing, displaying an incredible array of iridescent colors that flash and shimmer in the light. The vivid shades of red, blue, green, violet, and gold almost seem to glow from within. Completing the striking design is completed with a tapered ribbed gold band that branches out at each shoulder. Stamped inside the shank is "10K". An extremely unique and gorgeous ring, it is perfect for any opal lover and would make a perfect addition to any jewelry collection!

Measurements: The ring has a finger size of 6 3/4, but could easily be re-sized up or down as desired. The opal centerpiece measures approximately 20mm tall, 14 wide, and rests 4mm above the finger when worn. The band measures 2mm wide at the back.

Condition: The overall condition of the ring is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold setting or to the opal stone, which is intact and securely set.


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