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KREMENTZ Art Nouveau 14kt Double Sided Repousse "Bacchus/Dionysus" Cufflinks

SKU: 43213


An exquisite pair of signed Krementz Bacchus/Dionysus (God of Wine) cufflinks from the Art Nouveau (ca1900) era! Crafted in 14kt yellow gold, each side displays an exceptional matching repousse image across the front surface of both sides. The raised, 3-dimensional design is complete with curved horns and sculpted facial features, and boasts a "devilish grin." The raised areas of the design exhibit a smoothly polished surface which contrasts perfectly with the natural darkened patina found in the low points, providing wonderful dimension to the fantastic motif. Both sides are oval in shape, however the front is slightly larger than the back, and they are connected by a curved gold bar, stamped with a "14K" purity mark besides the signature Krementz hallmark. A fabulous Art Nouveau treasure by an esteemed maker, it would be right at home in any antique collection!

Measurements: The front of each cufflink measures slightly less than 7/8" tall, about 1/2" wide, and slightly less than 1/4" thick. The back of each cufflink measures about 1/2" tall, 3/8" wide, and is about 1/8" thick. The curved bar extends about 3/8" long from the back of each side.

Condition: The overall condition of the cufflinks is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold setting or the repousse detail.

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