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Victorian Gold-Filled Watch Chain + Brass Charm Bracelet

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A unique charm bracelet from the Victorian (ca1880) era! This lovely piece is comprised of a gold-filled watch chain with three brass charms dangling from the end. Each of the 3-dimensional charms features a fabulous moveable mechanism, creating a fun and unusual design element! Included in the trio of charms is a set of playing dice, a pair of sewing scissors, and a woman wearing a dress and bonnet. The three dice are held within a clear glass dome, where they can move freely inside. A twist-open top allows the glass dome to be opened, if desired. The etched cutting shears are hinged at the center, giving them realistic movement when opened and closed, just like real scissors! The final charm is the petite statue of a woman, whose dress is hinged at the back, allowing the skirt to flip up and scantily reveal her backside.

Accompanying the charms is a double-stranded watch chain, which is adorned with an etched slide and hanging toggle bar. The slide adjusts the fit of the bracelet, tightening and loosening the strand as needed. All three charms hang from split ring at the center, making it possible to easily add or remove charms as desired. Fastening the bracelet together is a watch clasp at the center. A fantastic and unique charm bracelet, it would make a wonderful and fun-filled addition to any collection! 

Measurements: The double-stranded chain measures approximately 8" in length and measures a little less than 1/4" wide. The slide measures about 1/4" wide, 1/2 long, and 1/8" thick. The toggle bar hangs approximately 1" long, and measures about 1 3/8" wide and is 1/8" thick. The dice charm hangs about 1 1/4" long, and measures 7/8" in diameter and is 3/8" thick. The statue charm hangs approximately 1 1/2" long (including the bail at the top), and measures 3/8" wide and thick. The scissor charm hangs about 1 3/8" long (including the bail at the top), and measures 3/8" wide and less than 1/16" thick. 

Condition: The overall condition of the charm bracelet is excellent. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the gold-filled chain and brass charms. The moveable mechanisms on each charm are in good working condition. The swivel clasp and slide are secure and in good working condition.

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