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Victorian 14kt/Sterling "St. George and the Dragon" Double-Sided Pendant

SKU: 45263


A fantastic pendant from the Victorian (ca1880s) era! Crafted in sterling silver and held within a rosy 14kt yellow gold frame, this pendant is based upon the 5 Ducat coin design originally by Christian Herman Roth (1645-1690). One side depicts the fully armored St. George slaying a dragon below the words "S. GEORGIVS·EQVITVM·PATRONVS". The legend tells of a dragon that demanded libations of livestock and goods from villagers. After the villagers ran out of livestock and gifts, the villagers were forced to offer yearly human sacrifices to keep the dragon at bay. When the dragon chose a beloved princess for his yearly sacrifice, St. George rescued her and put an end to the villagers' suffering by killing the dragon. The backside of the pendant depicts Jesus with two apostles sailing through a storm below "INTEMPESTATE·SECVRITAS". The pendant hangs from a simple gold bail, ready to wear on a favorite chain! This unique piece would be a special addition to a Victorian collection.

Measurements: The pendant measures slightly more than 1" in diameter and about 1/8" deep.

Condition: The pendant is in excellent condition. Besides normal surface wear, there is no apparent damage to the silver and gold setting. The bail is secure.

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